Yed package installation

Yed package installation is very simple. These are the step involved:

  1. Uncompress and explode the package in your system with the command 'tar xvfz <package_name>'. This will create a directory containing Yed source code. Enter into this directory.
  2. Run 'configure' script to automatically generate building and installing files. The script accepts input parameters that set library type ( shared or static ), base directories of installation ('prefix' and 'exec_prefix'), and other. Run the script with '--help' option to read all available options without starting installation phases.
    The script 'configure' tests the existence of GNU tools 'gcc','ld','ar' in the target system; without these programs, Yed installation will be aborted.
  3. Run 'make' command without input parameters. The output will be static od shared Yed library, according to the user choice at 'configure' level ( see previous step ).
  4. Run 'make install'. This will install Yed library and header files like this:
  5. Now, Yed package is compiled and installed in your system!! You can now easily link it in your applications.

'make' command also run with these options: