YedFtpPipe - Get_Cmd_Duration


void Get_Cmd_Duration(void *pvO,time_t *ptStart,time_t *ptEnd);

The method gets starting and ending time of last command sent to FTP server, respectively in the pointers ptStart and ptEnd. All these times are expressed as the number of seconds since the Epoch. pvO is the instance of the object invoking the method.
The starting time of a command is the time got immediately before sending the command to child; the ending time is the time got immediately after parsing all responses from child.
These times are always related to the last command sent. In case of multiple commands incapsulated in the same method, as Put_File and Open_Connection, these times aren't related to whole method. For this reason it's better to get these times only in conjunction with Send_Cmd method for obtaining a true value of command duration.

The method does not return any value.