YedFtpPipe - Get_Cmd_Status


struct Ftp_Cmd_Status *Get_Cmd_Status(void *pvO);

The method returns the status about last command executed. pvO is the instance of the object invoking the method. Use this method to get all possible information about last command sent to FTP server, or the full FTP server response, if it contains useful data ( i.e., the directory tree after an 'ls' command ).

The method returns a pointer to the private instance of struct Ftp_Cmd_Status structure containing command status. This structure contains the following fields:

struct Ftp_Cmd_Status  {
  SINT siRcvCode;

scbLastCommand field contains last command sent.

scbLastAnswer field contains all data received from FTP server and related to scbLastCommand.

siRcvCode is the RFC code of the command sent.

Macro CMD_STATUS_BUFFER_SIZE is the edge of all items. Expand it and rebuild Yed if it's too small for your requirements.
The method can return an instance of the structure with all fields empty, if no command has been still sent to FTP server.