YedXml - Get_XML_Declaration


XML_ELEMENT * Get_XML_Declaration(void *pvO);

The method returns XML declaration content, if present into XML source file, from object instance pointed to pvO.

The method returns a pointer to XML_ELEMENT structure containing data about XML declaration content, or NULL if XML declaration is not present in XML source buffer.This structure contains the following fields:

typedef struct {
  ATTRIBUTE *pstAttrElement;
  SINT siNumAttrElement;
  SCHAR *pscContent;
  SINT siLenContent;
  SCHAR *pscStartElement;
  SINT siLenElement;
  void *pPrevious;
  void **pNext;
  SINT siNumNext;

scbTag is the tag of XML element.

siNumAttrrElement is the number of attributes in the XML element.

pscContent is a pointer to the XML element content.

siLenContent is the total length of the content.

pscStartElement is a pointer to the first character ( '<' ) of XML element into XML buffer previously loaded.

siLenElement is the global length of XML element.

pPrevious is a pointer to XML_ELEMENT parent of the node. In this method, this pointer has value NULL.

pNext is a pointer to the collection of XML_ELEMENT children of the node. In this method, it has value NULL.

siNumNext is the number of node children. In this method, it is always 0.

Macro LEN_XML_STATIC_BUFFER is the buffer border of all static items in YedXml object. Expand it and rebuild Yed if it's too small for your requirements.

pstAttrElement is an array of ATTRIBUTE structures that contains data about all attributes in XML element. The structure has the following fields:

typedef struct

scbName is attribute name.

scbValue is attribute value.